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Calyx of Teversall, by Maia Appleby

From Newpages - www.newpages.com - November, 2011

"Calyx of Teversall will entice you from the first sentence to the very last. Maia Appleby’s prose ensnares the reader in a fictional world that is both interesting and realistic at the same time. She plays off of what the young reader is already familiar with in order to structure this fantasy world full of gnomes and elves. In the beginning, we learn that Sigrid is recently widowed and struggling to make ends meet. Her husband maintained a wheat field that she now undertakes, and her three-year-old son Charlie braids the wheat. When Fenbeck, secretly a Borgh Elf, arrives and strikes a deal, Sigrid has no choice but to accept.

The Guardian, by C.J. Gosling

From Midwest Book Review – Small Press Bookwatch – December, 2010

“Abandoned, a sister is all you have to connect to your world. "The Guardian" is the first book in the Shadowlands Series, following Tavin, facing the loss of his mother and father, seeing his sister as the one thing keeping him rooted in the world. As his sister falls ill, Tavin must travel through a small door in the attic to another world, that might hold the cure for her. "The Guardian" is a riveting fantasy, highly recommended.”